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Australian Bridge Magazine - readers’ questionnaire

Thank you for clicking on the link for our new survey.

As the new publisher and editor of your national bridge magazine, I am keen to ensure that the magazine stays abreast of the changing needs of our readers.

To this end, I would appreciate it if you would have your say on how we are going. Just take a few minutes to fill in this survey and click the submit button.

(For most of the questions you can move through quickly using the TAB key and the number pad or Y and N keys).

Your views will help us to create a magazine that better suits your needs.

Rest assured that all responses will be held in the strictest confidence.

Brad Coles

Are you a subscriber to Australian Bridge Magazine?  
Please type 299 in the box to confirm you are a real person:  
How old are you?  
Which state or country do you live in?
If other, please specify.
How many years have you been playing bridge?  
How many years have you been reading Australian Bridge?  
How many issues of the magazine would you like us to publish each year?  
What is the main reason you read AB?  
Below are regular features in the magazine, past and present.
Please give each one a rating out of 10. (0=hate it, 10=love it)
                  Match reports  
                  Pairs Tactics with Andrew Robson  
                  Tim Bourke's problems  
                  Danny Roth's problems  
                  Card play problems (not Roth/Bourke)  
                  Best of Tim Seres  
                  Letters to the editor  
                  Alan Woods Rating System Top 100  
                  Local congress reports  
                  Photos / social pages  
                  20 Years Ago  
                  It's Your Lead  
                  Bidding Forum with Phil Gue  
                  Bidding Forum with Peter Smith  
                  Bidding Forum with guest moderators  
                  System ideas from George Cuppaidge  
                  System ideas (not George Cuppaidge)  
                  Technical / analytical articles  
Discontinued features:    
                  Mike's Advice (Mike Lawrence)  
                  Real Deal with Larry Cohen  
                  Eddie Kantar  
                  Bidding Challenge / Challenge The Champs  
                  State Reports  
                  Post Mortem / Assign The Blame  
                  Big Deal  
                  Teachers' column  
                  David Bird / The Abbot  
                  Fiction (other than the Abbot)  
Do you think our match reports are usually too long, or too short?  
When it comes to photos and graphics, do we have...  
Are you interested in reading reviews of new bridge books?  
Would you like to see interactive problems and competitions in the magazine?  
Would you like to see more material aimed at expert players?  
Would you like to see more instructional material aimed at improving / intermediate players?  
Would you like to see more information about modern systems and conventions?  
If we introduce a bidding challenge column, who would you like to see competing?  
Australia-Wide Open Pairs    
The Australia-Wide Pairs is an important national event that is staged each year by the magazine. Do you play in it?  
Until recently, the Australia-Wide Open Pairs was held twice a year (Spring and Autumn). Now it is just once a year. Would you like us to go back to twice a year?  
Most inter-club events these days are scored across the field, while the Australia Wide Pairs is scored separately within each club. Would you like to see the Australia-Wide Pairs scored across the field?  
Would you be interested in seeing detailed board-by-board results from the Australia-Wide Pairs on the web?  
Are you interested to read about the event and see the photos of the winners in the magazine?  
Readers' Bidding Forum    
Do you participate in our Readers' Bidding Forum?  
Would you like to see more than five problems in the bidding forum?  
Do you read Brad's write-up of the readers' answers on the web?  
If so, what if anything would you change about the online Readers' Bidding Forum?  
Web page    
Would you like to see more interactive features on the internet, similar to the Readers' Forum?  
What other features would you like to see on our web site?  
General comments    
Is there any area of bridge that you think is neglected by the magazine?  
If you could change anything about the magazine, what would it be? Please include all your thoughts.  
Your name (optional). All responses are confidential.  

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey.
Please click the submit button when finished.